Single or Double Papasan Chair, Which Is the Better Choice?

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Papasan chair – A lot of people already know what a papasan chair is – after all, they have been quite popular in the United States and Europe ever since World War II ended. Those who are not familiar with the name may know the papasan as the moon chair or the bowl chair. In any case, it is a fairly large round chair that is typically composed of a separate base and bowl frame and is topped with a very comfortable cushion of the same shape.

Traditionally, papasan chair are handcrafted from rattan or wicker – most of them are still actually created in this manner, particularly those that are imported from Asian Countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. However, for customers who have a more modern preference in terms of furniture design, there are also newer designs of papasan chairs that are made of lightweight steel or even plastic.

Papasan chair

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If you are considering buying a papasan for your home, one of the most important decisions you would have to make is whether you are going to choose the single papasan chair that can fit only one person, or the double chair that can accommodate two individuals, just like a loveseat. Both the single and double chairs come with their own set of advantages and the choice of which one to pick would mostly be a matter of personal preference.

Papasan chair